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by Bieke

If this is the first time you visit “She’s making it happen”, welcome! I’m very excited to have you here! Let me just quickly guide you through the website and explain you why you are (or aren’t) exactly where you need to be!

Not that long ago, I decided to completely turn my life around and start working my way toward freedom. I, being a 26 year old Belgian girl (see about page to get to know me better). Now, freedom to me means being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. To make this happen I had to find a way to create (passive) income so I could depend solely on myself. With some help of others and the beauty of Google, I can tell you now that I have found my way* and I want to share my experiences with anyone who has similar ambitions.

Something for you?

Whether you want to find a way to have your own passive income, you want to start investing or trading, you want to start writing a blog, become a high achiever, succeed at life, or simply want some encouragement, I hope my story can be an inspiration and give you the needed motivation, interesting resources and practical tips.

* Small disclaimer: I haven’t actually made it yet. Bummer. But! I do have a plan though and I want everyone to join me in this experience which is surely going to be a bumpy ride.  Expect to get all the dirt, all the ups and downs and all the failures! No better way than learning from other people’s mistakes, right?

So does this sound appealing to you? Are you trying to achieve a certain goal in life? Maybe you are just like me, looking for freedom? Or your own way to happiness? Maybe you don’t want to follow the standard stages of life: work, marriage and children? You don’t want to depend on a boyfriend or husband financially? Well good news! I know how you feel and you’re in the right place to figure out how to make this happen! Expect to get a lot of interesting and useful content!

Find your way

For your ease I have divided my blog posts into two main categories:

  1. My journey, which tells you all the good and bad in my search for freedom
  2. Your insights, which tells you everything I’ve learned along the way in the form of practical tips and resources. These will be divided into subcategories such as:
    • Personal growth
    • Health and lifestyle
    • Trading and investing
    • Real Estate

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Thanks for visiting and if you have any thoughts or questions, be sure to shoot me a message on the contact page or send me an email at

And no matter what, don’t forget to make it happen!

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